A little addition to my latest class Still Life Photography: Magic of Extra Lights – a few more examples of how to use extra lights.

1) As was pointed out by student from the class, Elizaveta, extra lights can be used indirectly, meaning you don’t shoot the lights but their reflections, like she did on this image.


2) Sometimes you can get extra lights outside, but while still being indoors =) Like here,  the city below acts as one beautiful bokeh background. And it’s also a blue hour, if you can recall from the class =)


3) And finally, while you still have Christmas lights nearby – make a fun short mini portrait session. As I talked in the class, personally I prefer to limit the color palette of the pictures, that are suppose to have cosy, festive feeling. And I’m also a big fan of simplifying the background =) As you can see the principles form still life photography are perfectly suitable for portrait photography as well.  My background is simple and white. Even though the lights are barely visible, due to my editing, they still make picture more interesting. Here is a little comparison of a shot made without lights and with lights.


Outfit plays an important part in portraits, so choice of outfit will affect the final result. Here I used another jumper and although the colours on it are still quite neutral the overall festive feel is lost, due to the stripes being a bit distracting.


Finally, you can also capture Christmas lights in your hands, same as before, white simple jumper works nicely as a simple background. Oh, and watch out, those lamps sometimes can get very very hot! At least mine have this nasty habit =D

Have an awesome week! And if you haven’t seen  Still Life Photography: Magic of Extra Lights yet, be sure to check it out =)

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