Chances are somewhere sometime you have seen kinfolk. It’s a beautifully made lifestyle magazine. The photography style is quite recongnizible too – it’s subtle, soft and has this real film camera feel. I adore this kind of images, yet usually I found it frustratingly hard to replicate, as I tend to go overboard with colours and contrasts.
This time, however, I really tried and this is the result.

DSC_8502 copy DSC_8432 copy DSC_8380 copy DSC_8376 copy DSC_8359 copy DSC_8240 copy DSC_8188 copy DSC_8217 copy DSC_8177 copy DSC_8155 copy DSC_8174 copy DSC_8299

A bit of levitation never hurts =)

DSC_8460_5 DSC_8483DSC_8442 copy