Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures

In this post of, Learn the Steps to Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures. Learn how to paint a brick fireplace before and after pictures, transforming your living space with a cost-effective and creative DIY project.

This comprehensive guide covers step-by-step instructions, expert tips, and engaging visuals to help you achieve a stunning makeover.


Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures

Painting a brick fireplace can breathe new life into your home, giving it a fresh, modern look while maintaining its rustic charm. Whether you want to update an outdated brick fireplace or add a personal touch to your living space, this article will guide you through the process with before and after pictures that showcase the dramatic transformation. Get ready to embark on a rewarding journey of DIY home improvement!

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After Pictures

Materials Needed:

  • Brick Anew Fireplace Painting Kit
  • Extra paint for large fireplaces
  • trisodium phosphate (TSP) or soap and water with a scrub brush for cleaning fireplace
  • Drop cloth
  • Spray paint (if you’re actively using your fireplace, don’t use spray paint for the surround, which isn’t made for high heat).
  • Optional: Black firebox paint to freshen up the inside

STEP 1: Clean the fireplace.

I had ordered the fireplace cleaner from Brick Anew. But really, you could use the TSP, which will work just as well.

It comes with an instructional DVD. I ended up recording the whole process myself for anyone who’s reading this that need that extra help in doing it (see the video tutorial below).

STEP 2: Cover your fireplace with the base color.

The Brick Anew kit comes with a quart of a base coat. If your fireplace is as large as mine (spans the whole wall), plan on getting a second container. I ran out halfway through the project!

Use a paintbrush to cover the entire fireplace in the base coat. It’s your choice whether to do the grout, too. I went ahead and painted mine. It will be all one color.

STEP 3: Paint the fireplace surround.

(FYI: you might want to do this first before using the base coat). I just used black spray paint on mine, but be careful here. If you use your fireplace, it could be dangerous if the heat touches the spray paint. Don’t spray paint INSIDE of the fireplace. Use a black firebox paint that’s specially made for the inside of your fireplace to make it look new again.

STEP 4: Apply the highlights.

Using “Step 2” of the painting kit is basically like applying a highlight to the brick. You know how natural bricks have lighter and darker colors mixed in? That’s sort of what the highlight color will do. If you notice here, you’ll see that the bricks behind me have sections where I just painted on a lighter color.

STEP 5: Apply the glaze.

The glaze is just a slightly darker color, to give it some variation in color. I’m applying this right to sections of the highlighted color.

STEP 6: Use an even lighter highlight color.

For the painting kit system, color #3 is an even lighter color. If you look closely, I chose random bricks to dab on the lighter color, to highlight them. Using all these colors together creates a layered look that resembles brick. So you get your painted fireplace that looks like brick but you kick that ugly red stuff to the curb. Woot!

STEP 7: Use a sealer (if you want to).

Honestly, I didn’t use a sealer and had no problems with the paint. EDITED: October 2017, there is one small area that chipped where my kids have thrown down their Xbox controllers. The color has lasted, otherwise, and looks great. Brick Anew does make a matte finish sealer which I would recommend if you’re planning to store things on the hearth. Just be sure to buy enough for your fireplace.

Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures
Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures
Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures
Paint a Brick Fireplace Before and After pictures

Understanding the Preparation

Before you start painting, it’s crucial to prepare the brick fireplace properly to ensure a long-lasting finish. Gather the necessary tools, including a wire brush, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and cleaning supplies. Thoroughly clean the brick surface to remove dirt, soot, and any previous paint or sealer.

Selecting the Right Paint and Color

Choosing the right paint is essential for a successful fireplace makeover. Opt for a high-quality, heat-resistant paint suitable for brick surfaces. LSI Keywords: brick fireplace paint, paint color selection, heat-resistant paint.

Protecting Surrounding Areas

To avoid accidental spills or splatters, protect the surrounding areas of your fireplace. Cover the mantel, hearth, and adjacent walls with drop cloths or plastic sheets. Use painter’s tape to secure the coverings in place.

Priming the Brick

Applying a primer is crucial to ensure proper adhesion of the paint and to cover any imperfections in the brick. Use a roller or paintbrush to apply the primer evenly on the brick surface.

Painting Techniques for Bricks

Master the art of painting bricks with various techniques like stippling, brushing, or rolling. Experiment with different styles to achieve the desired texture and finish. LSI Keywords: brick painting techniques, stippling, brushing, rolling.

Adding Depth with Multiple Coats

Achieve a professional look by applying multiple coats of paint. Allow each coat to dry completely before applying the next. This process ensures a rich and consistent color.

Dealing with Grout Lines

Addressing the grout lines is essential for a polished finish. Carefully paint the grout lines with a small brush, ensuring no gaps are left unpainted.

Enhancing with Accent Colors

Consider adding accent colors to complement your decor and highlight specific features of the fireplace. Experiment with different color combinations to find the perfect match.

Drying and Curing

Patience is key when it comes to drying and curing the paint. Allow the paint to dry for the recommended time and ensure proper ventilation in the room.

Removing Painter’s Tape

Carefully remove the painter’s tape once the paint is dry to avoid damaging the freshly painted surface.

Cleaning Up

Keep your work area tidy by properly cleaning up brushes, rollers, and other painting tools.

Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace

Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace
Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace
Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace
Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace
Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace
Before and After Pictures of Painted Brick Fireplace


  1. Q: Can I paint a brick fireplace myself, or should I hire a professional? A: Painting a brick fireplace is a DIY-friendly project, but it requires careful preparation and execution. If you feel confident in your DIY skills, you can do it yourself. However, hiring a professional ensures a flawless finish and saves you time and effort.
  2. Q: How much does it cost to paint a brick fireplace? A: The cost of painting a brick fireplace depends on the size of the fireplace, the quality of paint, and whether you hire a professional. On average, it can cost between $200 to $500 for materials and labor.
  3. Q: Is it necessary to use heat-resistant paint for a brick fireplace? A: Yes, heat-resistant paint is essential for a brick fireplace, as it can withstand high temperatures and prevents paint peeling or chipping due to heat exposure.
  4. Q: Can I paint my brick fireplace a different color than the surrounding walls? A: Absolutely! Choosing a contrasting color for your brick fireplace can create a stunning focal point in the room and add visual interest to the space.
  5. Q: How long does it take for the paint to fully cure on a brick fireplace? A: It typically takes around 7 to 14 days for the paint on a brick fireplace to fully cure. During this time, avoid placing any objects or decor on the painted surface.
  6. Q: Can I paint a brick fireplace that has previously been painted? A: Yes, you can paint over a previously painted brick fireplace. However, it’s essential to remove any loose or chipping paint and clean the surface thoroughly before applying new paint.


Transforming your brick fireplace with a fresh coat of paint is an exciting and rewarding home improvement project. Armed with the right tools, techniques, and paint, you can achieve a stunning before and after transformation that will breathe new life into your living space. Remember to follow the step-by-step guide and unleash your creativity to create a captivating focal point in your home.

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